BlueOakHill Sober Living Recovery Support and Vocational Training Services Testimonials

BlueOakHill Sober Living provides recovery support and vocational training services.  We generally have successful outcomes.  When a resident is able to acquire the skills to gainfully engage in something meaningful to them, it affects not only the resident themselves, but their loved ones and the community as a whole. Below you will find some testimonials from family members of former tenants of Blue Oak Hill.


My son spent eight months with Peter at Blue Oak Hill and has remained sober since, almost two years.
Thanks to Peter’s help he is working as an apprentice electrician.  He’s involved in AA, is in a stable relationship with a child on the way!
Very grateful and would recommend Blue Oak Hill highly.

~Stacy G


My beloved son was incredibly blessed by his aunt and uncle to be able to go to Blue Oak Hill.
And while his unique situation suddenly became an onslaught of major health issues, preventing him
from having the opportunity to develop vocational skills, Peter still welcomed him, believing that miracles can and do happen!
Peter is ferociously loyal to his vision of helping young men develop long term sobriety along with meaningful skills, embracing one’s precious life.
Peter was there for my son, solid until the end, essentially performing midwifery for his passing.
As hard as it is to accept that my son is gone, at least he spent his last seven months sober in a supportive environment.
This was a huge blessing for him.  Sadly for all who love him, his substance abuse cost him his earthly life.  But he did get his miracle—
he passed eating organic meals in a beautiful and loving environment, surrounded by friends in sobriety.

~Melissa S


 After a roller coaster of events over the years, my son had run out of options.  The court gave him the option of successfully
completing a long term recovery program or prison.  He spent a summer and fall with Peter and returned home.
He is still sober (almost two years now!) and is working a steady job in construction.  What a difference!

~Rachel D