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Our Mission


Peter working with his hands in the woodshop

Blue Oak Hill is a small sober living home that provides a 12 step, abstinence-based individualized approach to continued sobriety for young adult men who have previously completed initial residential detox and treatment. Our goal is to assist young men and those close to them in the lifelong process of recovery. Working with young men we emphasize working with one’s hands to acquire creative and employable skills as well as a grounded daily rhythm. We want to help our residents continue to build long-term sobriety while they develop the foundation for a long-term career strategy. We are small, very small, with a maximum of four residents at any given time. The goal is to maintain a fun, cooperative, family-style atmosphere without drugs or alcohol. Every effort is made to assess each individual resident and provide specific guidance, life skills, education, and vocational training. Involvement in a twelve-step program is mandatory, including an active relationship with a sponsor.

Our residents have a structured, yet flexible schedule. Our work week is spent maintaining the facility, working on individual creative projects, and also doing community service projects. If requested, we actively work with our residents in job placement through our connections in the construction industry. By working diligently, within a supportive, structured environment, we hope to integrate healthy living skills with creative and employable ones for each of our residents.