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Thank God for Blue Oak Hill. In 2018 through to now, they have made it possible for my addict to survive and work. In spite of himself, the staff at Blue Oak Hill have stood by my son when he would not stay. Through his indifference and addiction, they have continued to bring him along as they have other successes. My son is a hard case no one else wanted, but Blue Oak Hill has never given up on my son. I still thank God and pray for this rehab because they continue to work to bring my boy back to health. He is a hard case, but he has known if he’d just work his program, accept discipline, there is no better, more caring, more supportive, both physical and spiritual than at Blue Oak Hill with Pete Richardson and his wife and the staff.

– Phillis L

My son had the opportunity to spend seven months at Blue Oak Hill, thanks to the cooperation of the courts. Ten plus years of drugs and alcohol had landed him in serious trouble. Multiple periods of rehab and/or jail had not worked. The idea that a regular supervised working routine and the potential for a trade career was appealing. It’s now over two years since our son went to Blue Oak Hill. He is back in Marin now, working as an apprentice electrician. He has been in no trouble, has his drivers license back and seems to be staying sober. We’re very grateful and recommend Blue Oak Hill highly.  –


After many years battling addiction, my son, Frankie, finally got the help he needed at Blue Oak Hill. With the love and support of Peter and Beth he was able to spend his last seven months sober, finally passing away peacefully in a beautiful garden surrounded by sober friends. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your loved ones the help they need!

-Melissa S


Frankie and his Mom